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80 Million Americans suffer from hair loss.
You can provide a solution with
No Pain, No Drugs, No Surgery, & No Side Effects

man regrows hair in 8 months

Results Over 8 Months

“I heard about an opportunity to regrow my hair. Over time, I’ve not only seen it stop falling out, but it has regrown. I’ve asked for several recommendations of treatments and products, and nothing has had the effect like I’ve had with Sunetics.”

– Leo G.

Clinic Spotlight- “We Grow Hair Indy”

Darren Andrews​
Clinic Director
Indianapolis, IN​​


over $9 million in revenue from Sunetics​
over 4,000 patients treated with Sunetics​
over 90% patient success rate​
over 1,800 treatment sessions performed per month​

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“We’ve treated over 4,000 Patients with the Sunetics Hair Growth Laser!”

“We’ve generated over $9 Million in Revenue with the Sunetics Laser Treatments.”

“We started with one laser and now have six (6) lasers running all day, 6 days a week. We are currently providing over 1,800 individual laser treatment sessions per month.”

“In addition to being an effective stand-alone treatment, we can also provide combo therapies such as Laser+PRP and Laser+Hair Transplants and these two additional options have been a tremendous boost to our results and our sales.”

80 million Americans suffer from hair loss

Physician Tested

See what results other Physicians are getting in their practices. Physicians across the United States and abroad are seeing hair growth in their patients, an increase in customers, and an increase in revenue.

Clinic Spotlight- “Signature Dermatology”

Andrea Costanza DO
Signature Dermatology
Columbus, OH

Signature Dermatology has had a Sunetics Laser in their practice for over 4 years, helping treat their patients’ hair loss safely and effectively.

To see the kind of results their patients are receiving, visit the “Signature Dermatology Clinic Spotlight” page.

Click on the picture above to see patient results from Signature Dermatology.

Clinic Spotlight- “We’ve treated nearly 1,000 Patients!”

Michael Ramsey has been the Clinic Director and partner with PAI Medical for over 24 years. He oversees operations for PAI Medical Group – Nashville. As Clinic Director, Michael finds it very important to find ways to help his patients while still running a successful business. PAI Medical Group in Nashville currently has 4 Sunetics Lasers at its sole location. In this Clinic Spotlight, see why Michael got started using Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy for his patients, and how the treatment has helped both his patients and his business.

Why we actually chose Laser Therapy… “I was floored!!”

Patient Compliance, Selection, and using the laser with PRP.

ROI, Getting our 4th Laser,
Treating nearly 1,000 patients,
and Why we love it.

• Safe & Effective
• Non-Invasive
• No Technician Needed
FDA cleared to grow hair in both men and women
FDA Cleared to Grow Hair and Treat Hair Loss in both men and women. The Sunetics FDA clearance number for Safety and Efficacy is K132646.
woman is sitting under a laser reading a magazine with no pain

Here’s What Other Physicians Are Saying:

“I have witnessed some remarkable results in my practice.”

Dr. Glynis Ablon

Dermatologist, Ablon Skin Institute, Manhattan Beach, CA

“My patients love the simplicity and especially the results they are getting.”

Dr. Christine Gould

Aesthetic & Cosmetic Medicine, All About You Medical Spa, Fairfield, CT

“It’s a must have for any hair restoration program.”

Dr. Christopher Asandra

Medical Director, Doctors of Hair, Las Vegas, NV

“As a medspa owner, this device has been a fantastic addition to our list of services.”

Bronwen Darbonne CLT

Owner, Fine Lines Cosmetic Laser Center, Jennings, LA


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American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery