Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Sunetics Laser FDA Cleared?

Yes. The Sunetics Clinical Laser is cleared by the FDA to promote hair growth in BOTH men and women. It was cleared in December of 2014.

How Does the Sunetics Laser grow hair?

The Sunetics Lasers use low level laser light to completely saturate the scalp and energize the cells and hair follicles within. This causes an increase in ATP production, repairing the weakened follicle. The laser energy also improves blood microcirculation, increases oxygen uptake, and increases the rate of removal of harmful DHT. In addition, the laser energy improves cellular metabolism and decreases follicular inflammation.

HOWEVER, the Sunetics Laser cannot resurrect a dead follicle… So it cannot help those who are Slick, Shiny Bald.

How quickly will my patients see results?

Your patients will experience 3 stages of results while undergoing the Sunetics Hair Therapy treatments. Each patient will move through these stages at their own pace, determined by how well their hair follicles respond:

  • Stage 1, the patient will notice a decrease in excessive hair loss. Typically, around 4-6 weeks.
  • Stage 2, their current hair becomes fuller, thicker, shinier, and healthier because the hair follicle is being maximized. This stage is typically between 6 weeks to 5 months.
  • Stage 3, the diminished or miniaturized hair regrows into normal, thick, terminal hair. Typically, between the 3rd to 6th month there is a visual benefit that both the patient AND their friends will see.
Is it safe?

Yes. All of the Sunetics Laser devices received FDA 510(k) clearance for both safety and efficacy for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia (hair loss) and to promote hair growth in both men and women. The Sunetics Laser is rated as a NSR (Non-Significant Risk) device.


Does the laser produce any heat?

No, the laser is safer than sunlight because you cannot get burned…
It is a non-invasive, low level laser. There are no thermal components in the laser at all. The laser light is “cool to the touch.”

Is this LED or Laser?

The Sunetics Laser uses 100% Laser energy. There are no LEDs in the hood, only Lasers.

Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for the Sunetics Laser is a man or women in the early stages of hair loss. Those who are slick shiny bald are not candidates for the laser.

Other good candidates are:

  • Women with diffuse hair loss.
  • Post-menopausal women experiencing hair loss.
  • Men unwilling to take Propecia.
  • Those who are not good candidates or are unwilling to have hair transplant surgery.
  • Men or women who have heredity male or female pattern loss.
  • Men or women who expect to be affected by male or female pattern loss.
  • Men or women who are currently using prescription or non-prescription hair loss treatments.
  • Those who have had or plan to have hair transplant surgery.
  • Those experiencing medication-associated hair loss from chemotherapy or other medications.
  • Those who have illnesses that have caused them to lose hair.
  • Women who are experiencing or expect to experience post-partum hair loss.
  • Those who are fearful or unwilling to use PRP because of the needles used.
Will my patients experience any pain or discomfort?

No. As a non-invasive medical device, the low level laser technology utilized by the Sunetics Laser produces no heat and causes no pain or discomfort of any kind. In some cases, patients have stated that they have experienced a “slight tingling” in the scalp, which is nothing more than the patient’s sensitivity to the increased blood circulation.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no known adverse side effects to the Sunetics Laser Technology.

How long are the treatments?

Each treatment is 20 minutes.

How often do the patients come in?

Patients will come in 2 times a week for the first 12 weeks. Then, the patient will come in once a week for the next 12 weeks. If the patient needs more treatments, the physician can have the patients come in once every other week for an additional 6 months.

Does the physician have to be present during the treatment?

No. This modality is a labor-free, hands-free treatment.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. Operating the Sunetics Clinical Laser is very simple. Typically, a patient coordinator or receptionist will sit the patient under the laser and lower the “open panel” hood over the patients head, start the treatment, and walk away. This is truly a hands-free modality.
The patient can read or watch TV for the 20 minute session. The Sunetics clinical unit has an internal timer with a 2 minutes warning signal and automatic shut-off. The laser system does not need hands-on personnel to watch over the patient during treatment. This simplicity has helped inspire many physicians to incorporate the laser into their practice.

Can patients take other things, like Propecia and Minoxidil, during their Sunetics Laser treatment program?

Yes. The Sunetics Laser can be coupled with other treatments in a multi-therapy approach. However, please note that all patient results featured on the Sunetics website were from stand-alone treatments with the Sunetics Clinical Laser. No other therapies, treatments, or procedures were used.

What kind of support do you provide?

Based on the delivery date, we will coordinate a training session where a representative will walk you through setup and train your staff on how to operate the unit, on maintenance and safety, and on how to do a patient consultation. We also can provide assistance with marketing.

Does Sunetics provide financing for the laser?

Yes. Please contact our office so that a representative can be assigned to you.