Physician Tested

Sunetics International features a few of the many physicians now employing the Sunetics laser technology, including clinical researchers and academic university professors in their respective fields of medical study and discipline. Watch the video to see the results they are getting in their practice.

Proven and Effective

“We’ve treated over 4,000 Patients with the Sunetics Hair Growth Laser! We started with one laser and now have six (6) lasers running all day, 6 days a week. We are currently providing over 1,800 individual laser treatment sessions per month.”

Darren Andrews​


Clinic Spotlight- “We’ve treated nearly 1,000 Patients!”

Michael Ramsey has been the Clinic Director and partner with PAI Medical for over 24 years. He oversees operations for PAI Medical Group – Nashville. As Clinic Director, Michael finds it very important to find ways to help his patients while still running a successful business. PAI Medical Group in Nashville currently has 4 Sunetics Lasers at its sole location. In this Clinic Spotlight, see why Michael got started using Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy for his patients, and how the treatment has helped both his patients and his business.

Why we actually chose Laser Therapy… “I was floored!!”

Patient Compliance, Selection, and using the laser with PRP.

ROI, Getting our 4th Laser,
Treating nearly 1,000 patients,
and Why we love it.

Ablon smiling. I have witnessed some amazing results

“As both a dermatologist and a clinical researcher, I have been very pleased to have implemented the Sunetics laser therapy for hair restoration…. I have witnessed some remarkable results in my practice.”
-Dr. Glynis Ablon

Lateef smiling. The laser is highly effective

“The Sunetics Hair Growth Laser has allowed our dermatology practice to offer a breakthrough technology that is non-invasive and highly effective in helping our patients regrow hair.”
-Dr. Farooq Lateef

Beckenstein smiling. I continue to be amazed at the results

“I thoroughly research any new technology that I bring into my practice. I will never compromise my reputation by offering ineffective treatments. I continue to be amazed at the results that I am seeing and the patient satisfaction!”
-Dr. Michael Beckenstein

Cobb smiling. Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy is wonderful and simple

“Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy is wonderfully simple. It is painless, and has no side effects. It works when the laser’s light activates the blood cells. It promotes cell division and protein synthesis, both of which are important for natural re-growth.”
-Dr. Kelly Cobb

Hall smiling. My wife and I personally use the laser to treat our own hair.

“The Sunetics Clinical Hair Growth Laser is one of the most advanced technologies for hair restoration. The technology delivers, and our patients are thrilled with their results. Both my wife and I personally use the Sunetics Laser to treat our own hair.”
-Dr. Jeffery Hall

Other Testimonies

Lee smiling. I can treat hair loss without surgery.

My practice specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of all forms of male and female hair loss. I have found the Sunetics Laser to be an indispensable tool, providing excellent results whether used alone or as part of a combined program. My patients are extremely happy with their progress. The greatest part is that the cold laser is extremely comfortable, with no downtime.” -Dr. Shamila Rawal

Lee smiling. I can treat hair loss without surgery.

“With the Sunetics hair laser system, I have been able to offer my patients an FDA approved, clinical device to treat hair loss without surgery. I think this represents a revolution in non-surgical hair restoration by providing a clinically proven solution to regrow hair for patients who may not want or are not candidates for surgery.” – Dr. Doohi Lee

Costanza smiling. Sunetics has helped many of my patients regrow lost hair.

“This revolutionary technology provides a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. Up until now, therapies for thinning hair have been limited and marginally effective. This device has helped many of our patients regrow lost hair.” – Dr. Andrea Costanza

Ziering smiling. The Sunetics Laser promotes thicker hair.

“This laser hair regrowth procedure is non-invasive, painless, and has no known side effects. The Sunetics Laser helps to promote thicker hair by stimulating the follicles on your scalp which helps to increase energy production and reduce the negative effects of DHT.” – Dr. Craig Ziering

Terrell smiling. The Sunetics Laser is amazing.

“The Sunetics Laser is absolutely amazing. The laser stops hair loss and promotes new hair growth. It also makes your hair fuller, thicker, and healthier as well. My patients like how simple it is and are seeing great results.” – Dr. Mendy Terrell